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No Flowers on Tulip Plants

I have a large number of tulips and usually they perform very well. This year, however, I tend to have quite a few that just formed a couple leaves but no flower.

Several things could have caused the failure of your tulips. Various varieties can react differently to the environment. They may have been more susceptible to rot or tastier to the chipmunks. Many of the newer hybrid tulips will put on a great floral display for only a few springs. The older, less showy, varieties or species tulips tend to have a longer flowering life and are often sold as perennializing tulips. If this sounds like the problem, consider adding some new tulips to the mix next fall. If you have perennializing tulips the poor growth is most likely a response to the weather. I have noted many stunted bulbs early in the season. Fluctuating temperatures and dry soil may be the culprit. Try digging up the bulbs in fall to see what is left behind. Replanting and providing bulbs with a little more space may also encourage flowering. And, always leave the foliage in tact after the bulbs are done flowering. This will allow the plant to replenish the energy for better blossoms next season. Next spring consider adding a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer to your tulip beds as the plants begin to emerge. This will help give the bulbs a boost for next spring's floral display.


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