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Mint Taking Over the Yard

I have some kind of mint growing along the rocky side of the pond in my yard. It's taking over my yard and killing the grass.

Any gardener who has planted mint can sympathize with your dilemma.  These aggressive plants are difficult to contain and eliminate from the landscape.  You can edge the infested areas and cover it with black plastic to starve the plants from a lack of sunlight or with clear plastic to cook the plants.  This will also kill the grass and other desirable plants in the covered area.  Or try spot treating the weeds with one of the more environmentally friendly plant killers containing clove oil, vinegar or fatty acids.  These products burn the tops of the plants.  Repeat applications help to starve and eventually kill the roots. Total vegetation killers can also be used.  These kill the tops and roots of any plants they touch.  Repeat applications may be needed for the persistent mint.  Be sure to read and follow all label directions of natural and synthetic pesticides.  Heed warnings especially as they relate to using any materials near the pond.


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