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Leaving Fall Leaves on the Lawn

I am tired of raking leaves.  Someone told me I can leave them on the lawn.  Is this true?  Won't it kill the grass?

Leaves are a great source of nutrients and organic matter.  Shredded leaves can be left on the lawn.  You may need to make several passes with the lawn mower.  The leaves need to be small enough to fall in between the grass blades. The small pieces will decompose, improve the soil, and help the lawn. 

I like to save a few leaves for my annual flower and vegetable gardens.  I rake them into the garden and shred them with my mower.  Next I dig them into the soil.  It is a great way to improve the drainage in heavy clay soil and water holding capacity of sandy soils. 

Many gardeners use the bagging attachment on their mower to collect the "mowed" leaves.  This makes collection and shredding an easy task.  Dig the shredded leaves into the garden or add them to the compost pile.  Use extra shredded leaves as mulch on the soil around perennials or save a few to use as mulch in next year's garden.  Additional leaves can be used in the compost pile.


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