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Leaves of Ash Tree are Drying Up and Falling Off

I have a young ash tree, about 8 years old. Suddenly the leaves are drying up and falling off. Looking closer at the leaves on the tree, some appear healthy, others have brown spots and others still seem to be yellowing on the edges. The other ash trees in the area seem unaffected.

Anthracnose, plant bugs and a few other disorders can cause the symptoms you describe. Anthracnose is a fungal disease that causes spots to develop on the leaves, especially the lower ones, of ash, maple, oak, black walnut and sycamore. Fortunately healthy trees can survive occasional attacks from this disease. Rake and destroy fallen leaves. Make sure the trees receive a thorough watering during extended dry periods. Plant bugs are small green insects that suck plant juices. Their feeding causes speckling and brown spots on the leaves. Healthy trees can tolerate this feeding. Reduce plant stress by watering during dry spells. A good rainstorm or strong blast of water from the hose will dislodge some of these insects. Insecticidal soap can be used to control high populations. Consult a certified arborist to evaluate the health of your tree and discuss other possible causes and control options. Visit the International Society of Arboriculture website www.treesaregood.org to locate a certified arborist in your area.


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