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Late Season Care of Tomato Plants and Green Tomatoes

I have 6 Big Boy tomato plants. Every year when I pull them out in October, I have many very small green tomatoes. Should I be cutting off these blossoms that will never have time to develop into red tomatoes?

Many gardeners pinch off the growing tips of indeterminant tomatoes (those that keep growing and flowering until the frost kills the plant) in early to mid September. This will redirect the plant’s energy into ripening the existing fruit instead of producing more flowers and tomatoes that won’t have time to mature. Pick any tomatoes that are starting to show color before the killing frost and finish ripening them indoors. Harvest tomatoes with the blossom end greenish white or starting to color up. Store the tomatoes in a cool (60 to 65 degrees) location to extend their storage life. Spread them out on heavy paper or wrap them in newspaper so they do not touch. The tomatoes will ripen over the next few weeks. Speed up the process by moving a few tomatoes to a bright warm location a few days before they are needed. And don’t let those green tomatoes go to waste. Fry them or use them in salsa and relish. You’ll find lots of good green tomato recipes online or from friends.


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