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Late Fall Care for Arborvitae

It’s November, is it too late in the season to fertilize arborvitae evergreens? How would you suggest helping browning evergreens come back to health?

Proper watering and mulching are the best things you can do for trees and shrubs. Droughty summers and harsh winters take their toll on these and many of our plants. Keep watering thoroughly and as needed until the ground freezes. And don’t forget to water next spring if the snowfall is light and spring rains infrequent.

Mulch the soil around the base of your plants. A total of 2 to 3 inches of woodchips, shredded bark or other organic material placed directly on the soil works well. Don’t pile the mulch against the trunk of trees or over the stems of shrubs. Consider creating a windbreak if the browning occurs on the windward side of the plant. Mount burlap, weed barrier or install a decorative fence to break the wind and reduce winter drying that leads to browning.


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