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Keeping Dogs Out of the Garden

We have two dogs, male and female. Recently we allowed them in our small garden area but stopped it once we discovered the plants and bushes where they urinated are now dead or discolored.  What can we do to prevent them and any stray from doing this when they get into our small garden area?

Gardening with pets, yours and neighborhood strays, can be challenging.   Besides digging and trampling of plants the dog urine can be a problem.  Urine contains nitrogen.  Too much of it, just like over fertilization, can cause damage or death to plants.   Rinse off frequented plants and thoroughly water the soil where the animal's frequently urinate.  This will dilute the urine and reduce the damage to the plants.   Many gardeners mulch an area and leave it plant-free and train their dogs to use this space instead of their garden.  I have three unruly housecats so I know this may not be practical.  Fencing may work to keep smaller animals out of the garden.   Scare tactics like motion activated sprinklers, noise makes and other devices may also help. Or try one of the commercial dog repellents on the market.  Make sure to read and follow all directions carefully.  You may need to use a combination of techniques and vary tactics to gain the results you want.


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