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Keep Lily of the Valley Growing

We had some lily-of-the-valley, but they disappeared when the snow-on-the-mountain took over.  Is there any way to get and keep lilies-of-the-valley growing?

Start by controlling the snow-on-the-mountain or find a new spot for the lily-of-the-valley.  Though both are aggressive plants it seems the wrong one won in your landscape.  Kill the unwanted snow-on-the-mountain if needed with several applications of a other total vegetation killer.  Whether using traditional or new environmentally friendly products read and follow label directions carefully. All these products are plant killers and can injure or kill your desirable plants as well as the weeds.

After a few attempts you may decide to find a new home for the lily-of-the-valley. Then add several inches of compost, aged manure or peat moss to the top 6 to 8 inches of soil.  This will improve drainage and reduce the risk of root and stem rot that may have weakened your lilies and allowed the snow-on-the-mountain to take over.  Purchase new plants or find a  gardener willing to share.  And any gardener with lily-of-the-valley plants is usually more than happy to share.  Spring is the best time to dig, divide and plant lily-of-the-valley.


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