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Japanese Beetles Invading Raspberries

My 2-year-old raspberry patch is being eaten by Japenese beetles how can I get rid of them?

Try knocking the adults into a container of soapy water. The soap coats their body, prevents air exchange and they basically suffocate. Morning is the best time as the beetles are sluggish and tend to congregate so you can take care of larger numbers in a shorter time. I am not a fan of traps. They attract beetles into the garden and not all the females are trapped so they lay their eggs and the problem continues. Neem is labeled as an organic control. There is no waiting period between application and harvest but repeat applications are needed. Pyrethrum and other traditional insecticides labeled for use on fruit crops do have a waiting period between application and harvest. Whether using Neem or other products be sure to read and follow all label directions carefully.


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