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Hostas Riddled with Holes

I have hostas growing near our heavily shaded lake home. They do great until late summer when the leaves become riddled with holes. What is causing the problem?

Slugs and earwigs will eat holes in the leaves of hostas. Trap slugs in a shallow can filled with beer. Or partially fill a soda or beer bottle with beer and lay it on its side. The slugs crawl in the opening and drown. The bottle prevents the beer from being diluted by the rain. Hide the traps under the hosta leaves for a neater looking garden. The iron phosphate slug control products are effective at controlling slugs but gentler on wildlife and the environment. Earwigs eat aphids and several other harmful pests as well as hosta leaves. Some gardeners put up with the damage and leave the earwigs in the garden to control other pests. You can control earwigs with traps. Place a piece of crumpled paper under a flowerpot or use a tube of paper or bamboo as a trap. Collect, drop the earwigs into a can of soapy water to kill them. Insecticides will also work on earwigs. Be sure to read and follow label directions carefully.


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