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Honeysuckle Leaves Turning Black

The leaves of my honeysuckle started out fine this season. Then the leaves started turning black. Some leaves are totally black. Is my plant dying?

Wet spring weather can increase disease problems. Several leaf spots and blights occasionally attack honeysuckle. The outbreaks are usually not severe or frequent enough to warrant treatment. Clean up and remove infested leaves as they fall to the ground. Sanitation along with good weather will reduce future problems. High aphid populations can lead to problems with sooty mold fungus. The aphids suck plant juices and secrete a clear sticky substance called honeydew. A black fungus that looks like soot feeds on the honeydew. The fungus blocks the sunlight from reaching the leaves and they can eventually turn yellow, brown and then drop off. Spray the plant with insecticidal soap to control the aphids and wash off the sooty mold.


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