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Honeycrisp Apple Tree Has Never Bloomed

One of the six apple trees I planted a few years ago - a Honeycrisp - has never had a single blossom. I s there anything I can do to get it going?  I have never pruned it.

No blooms and all leaves are great. The first few years after transplanting you you’re your apple tree to put down a large root system and establish a healthy framework. You should start pruning now to help your tree develop a strong and productive structure.  Consider using the central or modified central leader system. You will have a single trunk with several large branches spiraling up the trunk. Train 5 to 7 main branches for dwarf trees and 7 to 9 for standard apple trees. See one of my Month by Month Gardening books for more details.  Dwarf trees should start blooming and be allowed to develop fruit about 4 or 5 years while standard trees take a bit longer, 6 or 7 years, after planting.


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