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Growing Yucca from Cuttings

Is it possible to grow Yucca from leaf cuttings? If so, what is the technique?

Yuccas are usually propagated by seed or division and planting of the rooted offshoots. Experts will also multiply plants by root cuttings. Many plants like African violets, jade and begonias are propagated by leaf cuttings. You may want to try it with a yucca since half the fun of gardening is experimentation. The yucca leaf cuttings may or may not root or if they do root they may not produce a stem. Cut a leaf into 3 inch sections. Notch the bottom of the leaf (end that was closest to the trunk). Stick leaf cuttings, notched end down, in vermiculite or a well-drained potting mix. Half the stem should remain above-ground. Keep the rooting mix moist and grow in a bright location away from direct sunlight. Then wait. Leaf cuttings often take one to two months to root and develop a new stem.


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