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Growing Vegetables Near the Canopy of a Shade Tree

My vegetable garden is located near the canopy of some large shade trees. The daily allotment of sunshine is limited. I've been trying to grow tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, and a few other vegetables, but everything gets stunted or doesn't grow at all. What kinds of vegetables could I plant that thrive in limited sunshine in my Midwest garden?

Consider moving the garden. It will be better for the health of the tree and a lot less frustrating for you. Plant shade tolerant ground covers such as ginger, hosta, astilbe and deadnettle (Lamium) in the existing garden. If this is your only option, grow leafy crops such as lettuce and spinach which are more shade tolerant. If these flourish try shade tolerant root crops that need several hours more sunlight. Moisture as well as sunlight may be limiting your vegetables growth and productivity. Be careful not to over water. Irrigating the garden may improve garden production but could injure the tree. If space is limited, try container gardening. You can place the containers in a sunny location and give them the water and nutrients needed. You will be amazed at how much produce you can raise in container gardens. 


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