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Growing Rose of Sharon or Althea from Seed

I have many seeds from a beautiful rose of Sharon. I would like to plant them but I'm not sure if I should plant them outside or start them inside in a pot.

The seeds of rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) require no special treatment to germinate. I would store the seeds in a cool dark location for the winter. Place seeds in a opaque 35mm film canister or an envelope in an airtight jar in the refrigerator. You can plant the seeds directly in the soil after the danger of frost has passed. Or start them indoors like you would flower and vegetable seeds. Harden off transplants before moving outdoors with other transplants. Then grow on in the container or transplant into the garden. In the future you can collect the seeds when the pods brown and split open. Sow the seeds in the desired location or in a vacant garden area until you are ready to move it to its permanent spot in the landscape. Many gardeners find these plants are quite capable of reproducing on their own. Remember that hybrids may not come true from seed. But these surprises are what make gardening fun. And keep in mind it is illegal to propagate patented plants.


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