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Growing Lucky Bamboo

I have 36"stalks of lucky bamboo I purchased a few months ago. The opening of the pot is just large enough to hold the stalks upright, surrounded by a few small decorative stones and a little water.  A few leaves have turned yellow.  Should the bamboo stalks remain in water, or should they be planted in soil?

The lucky bamboo sold in most stores is really the tropical plant Dracaena sanderiana.  You can continue to grow this plant in water (hydroponics) or transplant it into a potting mix.  Decide which method best matches your gardening style.    The yellow leaves may be due to a lack of water or nutrients.  Consider moving the plant to larger container (that can hold more water) if you continue to grow your lucky bamboo in water.  You may also need to add additional stones to support your tall plants.  Add a dilute solution of houseplant fertilizer to the water every month or two to provide the needed nutrients.  Or try growing your plant in a well-drained potting mix.   You can cut the long stem into shorter sections, root and create more plants.  Or use stakes to support the tall plants.  Keep the soil moist but not wet.  Wait until the plants are well rooted and showing signs of new growth before fertilizing.  Use a dilute solution of any houseplant fertilizer as needed.


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