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Growing Grapefruit in Zone 4

My potted grapefruit tree is my pride and joy. I planted it from the seed of a grapefruit I ate over 10 years ago, and overwinter it in the house since I live in a cold (zone 4) area. Will it ever bear fruit?

Congratulations on growing a healthy 10 year old grapefruit.  Plants grown from grocery store citrus fruit are usually large trees that do not produce fruit in an indoor garden.  Continue your proper care, move the tree indoors in fall before temperatures drop below 50, add artificial light when plants are growing indoors and use a flowering type fertilizer when the plant is actively growing and continue to be patient.  This type of care gives you the best odds for producing fruit.  In the meantime, you may want to add a citrus plant that is more likely to bloom and fruit when grown indoors for all or part of the year. Try growing Ponderosa lemon, Otaheite orange, Meyer lemon, Persian lime and Calamondin orange.


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