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Growing Cherry from the Pits

Is it possible to grow a cherry tree from the pits I find in the fresh cherries I buy at the supermarket? If so, what is the technique?

It is always fun to start new plants from the dinner plate or in this case fruit bowl.  Just keep in mind that anytime we start new plants from collected seeds of hybrids the offspring will probably be different than the parent.  Here is how I approach starting new plants from seeds.  I look at the plants native growing conditions.  If the seed passes through a cold winter before sprouting it usually means the seed needs a cold treatment to sprout.  Tropical natives do not.  In the case of cherries collect and clean the seed.  Place the seed inside an opaque air tight container (or an envelope inside a clear jar) in the refrigerator for at least 2 to 3 months.  Or plant the seeds directly outdoors in fall.  Cold treated seeds can be started indoors in spring and transplants moved outdoors once the danger of frost has passed.


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