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Growing Caladium Indoors

I have some red and green caladiums growing in pots. I’d like to bring them inside to use as Christmas decorations, but I’ve heard that they need to rest during the winter in order to return in spring. Is this true?

The shorter cooler days of fall usually send the plant into its resting stage. You can extend its showy growth period with a little warmth and added light. Grow the plants in a warm area with 16 hours of light. Use one of the many new and attractive fluorescent light fixtures to lengthen the light period. Increase the humidity and decrease your workload by placing the plant container on a saucer of pebbles filled with water. The pot sits on the pebbles not in the water. As the water evaporates it increases the humidity around the plant. Allow the tubers to rest for several months after Christmas. They should then be rested and ready to put on a colorful show for your outdoor garden.


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