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Grow Your Own Salad and Microgreens

Start your garden indoors and enjoy a few micorgreens in a week and a homegrown salad in about a month.

Salad in a Pot

All you need is a container with drainage holes, a welldrained potting mix and some lettuce, spinach or other “greens” seeds.
• Fill the container with potting mix and place on a saucer so you don’t damage furniture or woodwork.

• Sprinkle the seeds on the soil surface

• Lightly stir the seeds into the soil or just cover the seeds with more potting mix.

• Water thoroughly

• Water often enough to keep the soil surface moist.

• Move the container to a sunny window as soon as the seeds sprout.

• Water thoroughly and as needed. Pour off excess water or set pebbles in the saucer and the pot on the pebbles to keep the pot above water. This prevents root rot.

• Thin the planting so there are a couple of inches between each plant.

• Use these greens to garnish a salad or eat them plain.

• Start harvesting the outer leaves of lettuce when they are 3 to 4 inches tall.

• Regular harvesting will keep your lettuce producing new leaves. Or harvest all the leaves at once and create one big salad.


Grow Some Microgreens

Plant and grow as described above.
• Harvest when the first set of true leaves (second leaves to appear) start to develop.

• Use a pair of scissors to cut the greens above the soil.

• Eat alone or use on a salad, sandwich or to add flavor to other dishes.


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