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German Ivy Left Outdoors Over Winter

I have German Ivy in my outdoor window boxes. I left these outdoors this winter, will the ivy come back in the spring? I live in the north.

I am sorry to say your German ivy will not make it through cold winters. It is hardy to zone 11. Once temperatures drop below 40 the plant will suffer damage and die as temperatures continue to drop. I often find these plants look decent while frozen but come a warm spell the damage is easy to spot. Next year take a few cuttings in late summer or early fall and grow these as houseplants throughout the winter. Continue to trim the long stems and root the cuttings. You will soon have plenty of German ivy plants to fill your window boxes. In the meantime, ask your gardening friends, one of them may have a plant and would be willing to spare a cutting or two. Those in California and other mild areas where it is considered invasive should look for an alternative to this plant. It has left the landscape in these mild climates and invaded natural areas.


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