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Flowering Shrub for Shade

I am looking for a flowering shrub for the north side of my home. I have Annabelle hydrangeas that are doing fine but want some additional shrubs for added interest.

Arrowwood viburnum (Viburnum dentatum) will tolerate the shade and produce creamy flowers in the spring, blue fruit the birds love in summer and good fall color. The cultivar Blue Muffin will produce an abundance of attractive fruit.

Juneberry also known as serviceberry (Amelanchier) is another shade tolerant plant with four seasons of interest and great bird appeal. The white spring flowers are followed by blueberry-like fruit both you and the birds will like to eat. The fall color is yellow to orange or brick red and the smooth grey bark brightens the winter landscape. Read the tags before purchasing since some varieties grow into trees. Select one that will still fit the available space when mature.

A relative, the red and black chokeberry (Aronia) has similar ornamental value with red or black fruit that persists through winter.

Snowberry (Symphoricarpos) is an old fashioned favorite named for the white snowball-like fruit they produce. Newer varieties are being introduced with more compact growth habit and pink tinged fruit. Charming Fantasy is one of the snowberries you may find suitable for your shade garden.


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