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Eco-friendly Lawn Care

You can have your grass and be kind to the environment too. It’s just a matter of changing your lawn care practices.

Let’s start with a quick review of lawn care basics. Proper mowing, watering and fertilization can be the difference between a healthy lawn and a weed patch. Raise the mowing height of your lawn if haven’t already done so. Taller grass is better able to compete with weeds. Mow often, removing no more than one third the total height, to reduce stress on grass. Leave clippings on the lawn. A season’s worth of clippings equals one fertilizer application. Make sure the blade is sharp and consider using a push or electric mower. It’s good for the waistline and the environment.

Proper watering helps keep your lawn healthy and out competing the weeds. But recent droughts and efforts to conserve water may mean a change of habit. Allow your lawn to go dormant during drought.  Minimize foot traffic and play on dormant lawn. Don’t apply herbicides and fertilizer to dormant lawns. They both can damage the grass and the fertilizer feeds the weeds.

Start your fertilization program with a soil test so you use the right type and amount of fertilizer for your lawn. Use a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer like Milorganite. This organic nitrogen fertilizer is only available to the lawn when needed. It won’t damage your lawn when hot dry weather arrives. Avoid fertilizers with high levels of phosphorous unless recommended by your soil test. Research has shown Milorganite’s organic phosphorous binds to the soil preventing it from leaching into the ground water. Always sweep grass clippings and fertilizer residue off the walks and drives. This simple step keeps unwanted nutrients out of waterways and eventually our drinking water.


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