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East Facing Container Garden

I recently moved to a condo and would like to expand my container garden. Will tomatoes and any flowers grow on an east facing veranda?

Fortunately you have many choices for your veranda garden. Check out the amount of light this area receives. If it is at least 4 to 6 hours you can grow a wide variety of plants that tolerate part sun. Tomatoes grow best with at least 8, preferably more, hours of direct sun. But as a gardener you know we all push the envelope, so give it a try. In addition try some part sun loving flowers and herbs. Dragon wing begonia, fan flower (Scaevola), pentas, heliotrope, sweet potato vine, licorice vine, fountain grass, petunias, and alyssum are just a few to try. Then consider adding some pansies for spring and ornamental kale, more pansies and mums for the fall. Even a veranda garden can provide seasonal interest.


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