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Drooping Grape Ivy

I was on vacation for two weeks, and when I got back my grape ivy plant was drooping. The leaves are still green and not falling off or brittle. Was this caused because of lack of water?

Cold air as well as too much or not enough water can cause drooping leaves.  Keep houseplants away from cold drafts and never close them in between the curtain and the window.  Watering too often or allowing the plant to sit in a saucer full of water can lead to root rot.  Correct these growing conditions if they seem to fit your situation.  Extended drought can also result in wilting.   Water your plant thoroughly and pour off excess.  Once the top few inches of soil is crumbly and moist like a damp sponge it is time to water again.  Wait until the plant fully recovers and shows signs of new growth before adding any fertilizer.


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