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Desert Rose

I received a desert rose plant for Mother's Day a few years ago. How tall will it get, and what else can you tell me about it?

The swollen base and thick leathery leaves of this plant tell you it is native to semi arid regions. Though it prefers the climate of its origins (Arabian Peninsula and E to SW Africa) it can be grown in wet and humid conditions as long as proper drainage is provided. Over time and with proper care this unusual plant can grow to 5 feet tall and three feet wide. The plant prefers full sun and well drained soil. The plant will tolerate temperatures down to 40 degrees. This means most gardeners will be moving the plant indoors for winter. Water your desert rose thoroughly and as often as needed during the warm sunny months of summer. One or two applications of a balanced fertilizer applied spring through mid summer should suffice. Decrease watering frequency, stop fertilizing, and move the plant indoors to a cool location during the shorter days of winter. With proper care you will enjoy beautiful flowers throughout the summer.


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