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Curling Leaves on Tomato Plant

I live and garden in central California. The leaves on my Roma tomato plant are curling. It is in a large pot and placed in sunshine. What am I doing wrong?

Curling leaves can be caused by heat and drought stress or insect damage. Tomatoes and other plants often curl their leaves to conserve moisture during hot, dry periods. Make sure the plants receive sufficient moisture. Water the container thoroughly so the excess runs out the bottom. Check the soil everyday. Plants growing in containers may need to be watered once or twice a day. Check the soil several inches below the surface. When it feels slightly dry and crumbly it is time to water again. Aphids (insects) can also cause curled leaves. You can see these small insects inside the curled leaves. A strong blast of water is often enough. Follow with several applications of insecticidal soap (a soap that kills insects and is soft on plants) or Neem if needed. Some viral diseases can also cause leaf curling and distinct patterns of leaf discoloration. Unfortunately there is no control for these. Destroy the infected plants to prevent the spread of disease.


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