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Cold Hardy Roses for the North

Can you recommend some hardy roses for the Green Bay, WI area?  Mine seem to keep dying with the harsh winters.

Fortunately, there are many new shrub roses that are hardy, pest resistant and good looking. Some of my favorite low maintenance, long blooming roses include:

  • The Fairy with its bouquets of small pink flowers
  • Flower Carpet - a low spreading rose
  • The Carefree Wonder with its pink blossoms
  • William Baffin (one of the Explorer Series) a big rose trained as a climber
  • Bonica
  • The Explorer and Parkland Series were developed in Canada and are known for their beauty and hardiness
  • My favorite is still Knock Out. My plant has performed well since the plant was introduced. Many gardeners lost their Knock Outs after last winter. I think establishment is key to long-term survival of any plant, including Knock Out. The Double Knock Out has more petals and is hardier. 
  • Fourth of July with its red and white blossoms and New Dawn have survived in your area with minimal or no winter protection.

Start with these and keep watching for new hardy and pest resistant introductions.


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