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Clematis Had Failed to Bloom

Why doesn't my clematis bloom?  I was told to put potash around the plant, but this hasn't helped.

The old saying "Clematis like their face in the sun and feet in the shade" is true.  Make sure your clematis is getting 6 to 8 hours of sun each day.   Move plants growing in the shade to a sunnier location next spring.  If shade isn't the problem, evaluate your fertilization practices. Avoid excess nitrogen that can promote leaf and stem growth and discourage flowering.  Have your soil tested to see if additional phosphorous is needed.  Many garden soils test high in this and potassium so adding more is not needed nor recomended. Clematis plants prefer alkaline soils (high pH).  Those gardening in the acidic soils may need to add lime. Have your soil tested before applying lime.  A soil test will also evaluate the blossom promoting phosphorous in the soil.   It will indicate how much if any is needed.   Follow soil test recommendations for healthier, flowering clematis.  


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