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Care for Potted Hens and Chicks Over Winter

I had a beautiful hens and chicks plant growing in a strawberry pot.  I do not have a good place to store it for the winter.  It is in my house right now.  How can I keep it alive until next spring?

You were wise to move the plant indoors.  Hens and chicks growing in the ground are usually winter hardy to zone 4b.   Perennials growing in containers need extra care to get through the winter.  The roots usually die after being exposed to cold winter temperatures.  Standard pots can be buried in the ground for added insulation.  You may have success storing planters in unheated garages for the winter.  Keep them in a protected location.  I like to place my containers in a box with packing peanuts or other material for added insulation.  The strawberry pot makes it difficult to protect the roots without burying the plants.  You can move these plants indoors, like you did, for the winter.  Grow them in a sunny window in a cool location.  Water thoroughly when the soil dries.  Wait until March to fertilize if needed.  Move the plants back outdoors after the danger of frost has passed.


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