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Can Too Much Liquid Fertilizer on Vegetables Make You Sick?

Can too much liquid fertilizer on vegetable plants make you sick?

Too much of anything can be detrimental.  Over fertilizing in general can cause excess leaf and stem growth and little or no flowers.  Even more fertilizer can burn your plants.  Start with proper soil preparation to give you plants a healthy growing foundation.  Add several inches of organic matter to the top 8 to 12 inches of clay or sandy soil.  This amazing material improves drainage in clay soils and increases water holding capacity in sandy soils.  Never apply more than the recommended amount of any chemical.  You may want to dilute the recommended concentration if you feel your plants need less than the recommended amount.  You can always add more fertilizer later if needed.  For best results get your soil tested.  The report will tell you how much, if any, and what type of fertilizer you should use in your garden.  Improperly applied fertilizer can damage or kill plants and is harmful to the environment. 


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