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Branches of Birch Tree Dying Back

We have a birch tree that could be 15 years old. Last season one portion did not get leaves on it. We are wondering if we should cut the tree down and start over. Can we save the tree?

Your tree may have been attacked by bronze birch borer. Their feeding destroys the system that carries water and nutrients between the roots and leaves. If the leafless portion of the tree is still pliable you may be able to save it with the help of a certified arborist (tree care professional). Remove any dry and brittle branches. Keep the remaining plant healthy to reduce the risk of future borer problems. Mulch the roots with woodchips or shredded bark to keep them cool and moist. Water whenever the top 4 to 6 inches of soil begins to feel dry and crumbles easily between your fingers. Add enough water to moisten the top 12 inches of soil.


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