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Blooming Corn Plant

I have a corn plant is about 1 year old, and it recently bloomed. I heard that this is fairly rare. It bloomed at night and then closed in the daytime. Can you tell me more about its behavior? 

It is a wonderful surprise when foliage plants reward us with unexpected blooms.  Over the years I have received a dozen or so calls or photos about the corn plant (Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana') blooming.  Most of us need to grow it indoors since the plant is only hardy in zones 10B and 11.  Since the growing conditions are less than ideal the plants tend to flower infrequently.  Mature plants growing outdoors year round in warm areas may bloom a couple times a year.  Plants growing indoors in close to ideal conditions and slightly potbound are more likely to flower.  Those struggling for survival may flower in hopes of setting seed to produce the next generation.  Continue the good care and enjoy those fragrant flowers.    


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