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Best Time to Replant Cuttings from Geraniums

Each fall I cut back my regal geranium and stick all of the cuttings in soil. I end up with about 20 rooted cuttings in small containers.  When is the best time to replant these and what soil or fertilizer should I use?

You can move the plants to a larger container when they have outgrown their smaller pots.  Move the plants to the next size pot or combine several rooted cuttings in a larger container.  Keep in mind that the larger pot will hold more moisture so you will need to water thoroughly but less frequently.  Use any sterile potting mix.  These usually have lots of peat moss and vermiculite to aid in drainage.  Some even contain slow release fertilizer or you can add your own slow release fertilizer to the planting mix.  This will provide all the nutrients your plants need until they move outdoors for the summer.  Otherwise, wait until the plants start growing to start fertilization.  A dilute solution of any flowering houseplant fertilizer will work. 


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