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I started asparagus in a planter box this spring. When can I plant it in my Zone 4 garden?


What is the difference between a tuberous begonia and Non-stop begonias? Can the non-stops also be saved over winter?


Why do my begonia plants die every winter? I keep them in containers and move them indoors when cold weather sets in. Should I set them in a sunny location?


I've planted begonias in my Milwaukee, Wisconsin garden, but don't know if they are the one's to dig out or not. How can I tell?

Bulbs in Outdoor Containers

I planted some bulbs in pots on my patio this fall. I put a 2" layer of woodchips on top of the soil in the pots. Will this offer enough winter protection? If not, can you please suggest how we should go about doing this?


I have some red and green caladiums growing in pots. I'd like to bring them inside to use as Christmas decorations, but I've heard that they need to rest during the winter in order to return in spring. Is this true?

Calla Lily

I have grown very tall red calla lilies in the garden. Can they stay in the ground over the winter? If so, what care do I provide? And lastly is calla pronounced like Kay or Cal?

Christmas Cactus

I have been having a problem of the leaves falling off my Christmas Cacti. I put them outside in the summer and new growth comes on them just fine, but when I bring them in the house in the fall the leaves start falling off. It doesn't matter where I put them they do it. I have tried not watering them until they are really dry and I have tried watering them more often. Nothing seems to work. Do you have any ideas?

Christmas Cactus

Every winter I bring my Christmas cactus in from my three season porch. It does great outside but as soon as it moves indoors it starts dropping stems.


I now live in Waunakee, WI (just north of Madison). I have several great Sun Coleus in my yard that I would like to somehow overwinter and use as the basis for several beds next year. These plants have spouted flower stems and the plants are rather large. What is a good way to store them? I also want to store quite a few sweet potato vine tubers as well. Can I place them in vermiculite and in a plastic tub in my basement?

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