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The apples on my tree grow in funny shapes and are not nearly as perfect as the ones you see at a grocery. Are there any tricks to growing great apples right in a backyard?.


My 38 year old white ash seems to be struggling this year. The leaf tips seem to be shriveling up near the end of branches. There is no sign of insect infestation or other blight. The plants have received plenty of water. Is there anything to this?


I have a young ash tree, about 8 years old. Suddenly the leaves are drying up and falling off. Looking closer at the leaves on the tree, some appear healthy, others have brown spots and others still seem to be yellowing on the edges. The other ash trees in the area seem unaffected.


The stems of my asparagus have marks, some stems wilt and others turn brown. I have found a few beetles crawling on the plants. Are they causing the problem?

Bay Leaf

We have a Bay Leaf plant that we keep in a sunroom during the winter and dig into the ground in the summer. We noticed the leaves are sticky. It is growing fine, but some of the leaves have spots. Should we discard those leaves?

Bee Balm

Something is eating my bee balm! Little pale green worms appear inside the flower heads before they open. I've tried treating the plants with insecticidal soap and baking soda to no avail. Can you suggest a solution?


We have a birch tree that could be 15 years old. Last season one portion did not get leaves on it. We are wondering if we should cut the tree down and start over. Can we save the tree?


My White Birch tree's leaves are more yellowish in color than green. Also some of the branches at the ends do not have leaves.

Black Eyed Susan

This past year one of my -eyed Susans formed a strange shape, almost like a set of lips with a yellow beard and a spiky hairdo. What caused this?


I’m having trouble with squash and pumpkin borers. I lost all of my plants last year. I haven’t found anything to get rid of them. Do you have any solutions?

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