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I don't have much room in my yard, but I would like to plant some rhubarb from my parents home. Can you grow rhubarb in a container? If so, how should I plant it?


Rhubarb can be grown in a container. You will need to give it some extra protection over the winter. Plant in a container with drainage holes that holds at least 5 gallons of well-drained soil. Incorporate a slow release fertilizer in the soil to make your job easier. Check the soil everyday and water thoroughly as needed. You may be watering once or twice a day during hot weather. One application of the slow release fertilizer should last all season. Move the container into an unheated garage, bury the pot in the ground, or place bales of straw around the pot (if left outside and above the ground) to insulate the roots. Water the soil whenever it thaws and is dry. Move the pot back outdoors, lift it out of the ground or remove the straw when temperatures warm in spring. All this extra work will fade from your memory as you take the first bite of your homegrown rhubarb used in a pie or sauce.

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