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I am looking for a hardy, fast growing, disease resistant Arborvitae type bush to screen my semi shaded lot line. I have read about a Thuja ‘Green Giant’ that seems to be a miracle bush and is hardy in Zones 5 to 8. Do you think this variety, recommended by a South Carolina grower, would be a good choice in the Mequon, WI area? Do you know of a source to purchase about ten of these measuring at least 4 feet tall?


This is a nice evergreen that has proven hardy in zone 5 and even in protected areas of 4b. This fast growing evergreen is supposed to hold its color and be resistant to deer. There is some debate on both these qualities. This fast grower can reach 10 feet wide and 30 feet or more tall- so give it space to grow. Spring Grove (some believe they are the same plant) is suppose to share the same qualities though some experts feel it is shorter and has a better green winter color. I would watch for deer damage but expect fewer problems with these. Hemlocks are great evergreens for shaded locations. They need protection from winter wind and sun and will need to be trimmed to keep them in bounds.

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