Spring Garden Tips

Creeping Bellflower

We bought our first home in March and have had a great time discovering all of the plants in the yard. Our mystery plant is growing in full sun and is about 36 inches tall with dark green arrow shaped leaves. It has clusters of bell-like lavender colored flowers with down turned heads at the top of the plant. It is nice enough to look at, but has grown from absolutely nothing to completely fill a seven foot by three foot flower bed. Any ideas?
CreepingBellflower250px.jpgCreeping bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides) fits the description of your plant’s appearance and aggressiveness. This unruly garden plant is now considered a weed. It spreads by seed and fleshy rhizomes making it difficult to control or eliminate. Continue to cutback and dig out offensive plants. Persistence is the key to success. Total vegetation killers, such as Roundup or Finale can also be used. Protect nearby desirable plants to avoid unintentional injury. You will probably need to make several applications for several years to kill these plants.

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