Spring Garden Tips

Coarse Fescue

Our Northern Illinois lawn has come up nicely this spring but there are little patches of grass that has grown much taller than the rest. The patches appear to be in a checkerboard pattern. What might be the problem?
I am seeing lots of lawns infested with coarse fescue this spring. The hot dry spells of the past few summers have allowed it to move in and crowd out our cool season grasses. Coarse fescue can be identified by its wide leaf blades, faster growth rate and clumping growth habit. Dig out or spot kill, with a total vegetation killer, this weed grass and reseed the bare areas. Read and follow label directions for wait time between treatment and seeding. Late May is a bit past the desirable spring seeding dates but you may want to give it a try, especially if you only have a few spots. Those that treated with a pre-emergent crabgrass killer earlier this spring will need to wait until late August or early September to seed. The pre-emergent prevents good grass seed as well as the crabgrass from germinating. Reduce future problems with this and other weeds by keeping the grass healthy and vigorous with proper care.

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