Bleeding Heart

I have a bed of fringed bleeding heart, Dicentra formosa 'Luxuriant'. What can I interplant with this small plant that also has pink flowers but later in the season?
DicentraLuxuriant250px.jpgAdd some autumn crocus, Colchicum speciosum. These hardy bulbs send up leaves in March. The leaves fade about the time the bleeding heart is filling in. In September you will be surprised by the leafless crocus-like flowers peaking through the bleeding heart foliage. Plant the bulbs as soon as you can find them, usually late summer. Some other perennials of various sizes that will provide pink flowers summer include garden phlox, dianthus, sweet pea, aster, turtle head, and some sedums. Match the plant to the growing conditions where it will be planted. In addition, deadhead your bleeding hearts to keep them lightly blooming throughout the summer. For help with bloom time and flower colors see Joseph Hudak's book Gardening with Perennials Month by Month published by Timber Press.

Photo:  Walter Siegmund

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Colchicum speciosum


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