Russian Sage

I have 16 Russian sage coming in. Would oriental lilies be a good companion plant, maybe the dwarf varieties or should I really go with something else?
RussianSageLilies250px.jpgLilies would be a nice partner for the Russian Sage. If you are growing the straight species of Russian sage it can be 5 or 6 feet tall. Tall lilies can be equal in height or taller. Check the height listed in the catalogue or on the tags. Dwarf just means shorter than the straight species so a dwarf lily may still be 4 or more feet tall. You might want to add a few more plants for added interest. Blue willow amsonia (Amsonia) is a nice plant. Blue flowers, narrow leaves and yellow fall color. It would look nice in front of the lilies. A few peonies for spring bloom or shrub roses for year round interest would also make nice companions. Add a mildew resistant garden phlox for additional summer bloom. I like to visit botanical gardens throughout the season to get ideas for my garden and others. These are good places for evaluating what you like and how it would fit into your landscape.

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