Hiring a Professional

We want to renovate our landscape.  It is more work than we can do ourselves.  How can I find a dependable person to good a quality job?
Finding a good landscape professional can be overwhelming.  Look for a company that belongs to a professional organization like PLANET (Professional Landcare Network).  These companies strive to stay current in their profession.  Ask about their staff's training, experience and certifications such as Certified Landscape Professional and Certified Landscape Technician.  This voluntary certification tests individuals on their professional knowledge and skills.  Certified professionals must continually update their knowledge to maintain their certification.  Check the yellow pages or visit the PLANET website, www.landcarenetwork.org.  You can search the membership list for more information on the company, areas served, services provided and for a link to the companies website.  It's one stop shopping at your fingertips.

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