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Melinda's Garden Moments

TV: Melinda's Garden Moments

Launched in 2007, Melinda's Garden Moments are nationally syndicated one-minute gardening tip segments, which air during the growing season on network television stations throughout the United States.

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Melinda's Garden Moments

Radio: Melinda’s Garden Moments

Melinda launched her Melinda’s Garden Moments for radio in the spring of 2010. The one-minute gardening tips are nationally syndicated on radio stations throughout the United States.

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Great Lakes Gardener


TV: Great Lakes Gardener

Produced by MPTV and airing on PBS stations throughout the country, Great Lakes Gardener is an award-winning show that focuses on the newest developments in gardening and landscaping techniques, particularly those that produce the best results in the unpredictable climates surrounding the Great Lakes.

RADIO: The Plant Doctor

Melinda hosted “The Plant Doctor” radio show on WTMJ-AM for over 20 years where listeners regularly tuned in to get answers to their yard and garden problems from the plant doctor herself. Listeners appreciated Melinda’s depth of knowledge and ability to answer any question that was thrown at her during the live weekly program. Over all of those years, a special bond formed between Melinda and her listeners who appreciated her gardening advice and guidance, down-to-earth style and sense of humor.

National and Local TV and Radio

Melinda appears regularly as a guest expert on various national and local television and radio shows. Click here here to view a complete listing of her upcoming appearances and media interviews. Some radio and TV programs Melinda appears on include:

Garden Guys radio

Gardening with Ciscoe

In the Garden with Andre Viette

Ken Druse Real Dirt Radio

Midday Connection

Prime Time America