Spring Garden Tips
Reviving Wilted Cut Roses

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a fresh bouquet of roses. And nothing is more disappointing than when the necks of those roses wilt and ruin the display.

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reviving cut rosesFortunately, there is an easy cure. Remove the roses from their vase. Recut the stems and submerge the whole rose – stem, leaves, flowers and all – in a sink or tub of warm water. Leave the roses submerged for 30 minutes.

Use that time to clean and refill the vase with fresh water and a bit of floral preservative. Recut the stems on a slant, underwater if possible and place the roses back in the vase. You will have perky fresh roses to enjoy for a week or more.

And preserve a few of your favorite roses. Gather a few stems together with a rubberband. Use a spring loaded clothespin to hang the bundles upside down in a warm dark place to dry. Or remove the petals, spread them on newspaper and allow them to dry. Add some essential oil or lavender to create potpourri or store your rose petals in a clear container to remind you of your Valentine bouquet.

A bit more information: Keep all cut flowers fresh by using a clean vase and keeping it filled with fresh water. Remove the lower leaves of the flowers so the foliage is above not submerged in the water. And always be sure to recut the stems on an angle before placing your fresh bouquet in the vase.