Spring Garden Tips
Inviting Spiders in the Garden and Managing Them in Your Home

Halloween, scary movies, and myths have given spiders a bad reputation. Don’t let this bad press scare you into destroying these garden helpers.

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spiders in the gardenSpiders eat insects, other spiders, and other members of the spider family. Based on research out of Europe it is estimated that all the spiders around the world consume about 1 billion 870 million pounds of bugs each day. This makes them an important ally in our fight against garden pests.

Despite this, many people pick up the can of insect spray when they find spiders in their homes. No need for fear or chemical sprays. These eight legged creatures often wander indoors looking for a warm home or a tasty meal of bugs.

Reduce indoor spider populations by eliminating their food supply. Don’t use pesticides. Instead sweep and vacuum baseboards, corners, and other areas where insects may be hiding. Knocking down the spider’s webs will also encourage them to move along.

A bit more information: A few spiders do bite, but most are not poisonous. Avoid spider bites by looking before reaching into dark corners where they may be hiding. Shake out clothes and shoes that have been sitting idle before dressing. Be sure to wear gloves when gardening, moving firewood or venturing into areas where spiders like to live. And do act quickly if you do suspect you have been bitten by a spider. Apply ice to the bite, capture the spider if possible and take it with you when seeking medical attention.