Flower & Garden Shows

March 5, 2008.jpg

Great landscape design is just one find at this years flower and garden shows.  I'd like to share my experiences with you that I've gained through appearing and touring flower and garden shows across the country. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on pruning weigela and fertilizing apple trees. My pest tip covers thatch in the lawn. I'll discuss a great quick read, The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono. Finally I'd like to encourage you to visit and share your photos in my photo galleries.

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Thinking about plants in winter?

February 15, 2008.jpg

In this podcast I'll cover tips on how to preserve and protect your plants over winter; shovel first, salt later. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on searching for a professional when trees need pruning, gardenia that has failed to bloom and droopy cutflowers? In this week's tip I'll discuss the weather calendar.

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Winter Preparation

October 18, 2007.JPGA safe haven for cannas, tuberous begonias, and dahlias is indoors protecting them from winter weather. I'll discuss winter storage. I answer gardening questions about where to buy corn gluten and asters that have some browning. Then I'll discuss gardening tips on how to control thrips. I recommend the beautiful blooms of Pink Quill (Tillandsia cyanea) to brighten the winter months.

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Composting Yard Waste

September 28, 2007.JPG

In this podcast I'll talk about composting yard waste, a natural, friendly and valuable soil amendment for your garden. Then I'll answer gardeners' questions on non-blooming hydrangeas and environmentally friendly weed killers. Then I'll discuss a "good guy" in the garden - the ground beetle, which preys on other pests. I'll finish with a simple plan for building your own compost bin.

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Xeriscaping for Water Conservation

June 7, 2007.JPG

In this podcast I focus on xeriscaping, as a continuation of our water conservation series. Then I answer gardeners' questions on the spacing of Blue Rug junipers and planting hostas under trees. Next Kristin joins me to discuss managing and avoiding leaf scorch. I finish by recommending a favorite product, Milorganite.

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Managing Water in the Landscape

May 10, 2007.jpg

This podcast features the first of a two part series on managing water in the landscape. Then Kristin Gies joins me for tips on treating and preventing scab on apple trees. I finish with an interview with Harvey Cohen. Sharing with us his collection of antique seed packets and their beautiful art. www.seedart.com

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Sustainable Landscaping for Earth Day

April 19, 2007.JPG

This podcast features tips on sustainable landscaping in honor of Earth Day. Then I answer a gardeners’ question on pre-emergant crabgrass prevention and hardy bamboo. Kristin Gies joins me for tips on nectria canker. I finish off with a favorite program, Circle of Life. For more information about this program, check out circleoflifeplants.com. For more information on sustainable living and the Natural Resource Defense Council, check out nrdc.org.

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Spring Cleanup and Golden Canker

March 29, 07.jpg

I give tips on giving your landscape that needed spring clean up. Then I answer gardeners’ questions on growing grass under trees. Next Kristin Gies joins me for tips on golden canker. I finish by recommending a wonderful organization, the National Wildlife Federation, helping you turn your backyard into a certified backyard garden. For more information visit their website at nwf.org/backyard.

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Reducing Chemicals in the Landscape

March 22, 2007.jpg

In honor of National Poison Prevention Week, I focus on reducing chemicals in your home and landscape in this podcast. Then I answer gardeners’ questions on pruning tomato plants and plants for challenging landscape spaces. Next Kristin Gies joins me for tips on black knot. I finish by recommending the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and their website www.aspca.org, for great information on keeping your pets safe from poisonous plants and harmful household products.

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Edible Landscaping with Ornamental Plants

February 1, 2007.JPG

In this podcast I expand on edible landscaping by incorporating ornamental vegetables and flowers. Then I answer gardeners’ questions on why a new lilac shrub has no blooms and dealing with spider mites on plumeria. Next Kristin Gies joins me for information on emerald ash borer (EAB). For more information on this pest visit the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture website or Wisconsin's Emerald Ash Borer Information Source. To find a certified arborist in your area visit treesaregood.org. I finish by recommending a great book, The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping by Rosalind Creasy (ISBN# 0871562499).

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