Spring Garden Tips
Low Maintenance,Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Increase your lawns health and beauty with proper mowing and fertilization.

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Mow high and often, removing no more than 1/3 the grass height at one time. Tall grass is more drought tolerant and better able to resist pests and compete with weeds. Consider using an environmentally-friendly hand propelled push mower.

Leave clippings on the lawn. Short clippings don't cause thatch, but do add moisture, organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

Boost your lawns health and reduce weed problems with proper fertilization. Even one application can greatly reduce weeds.

mgm 11 2017 eco friendly lawn careApply most of your fertilizer in fall for best results and consider using a slow release organic fertilizer, like Milorganite.

Finish up by sweeping all clippings and chemicals off walkways and drives.

A bit more information: And when weeds bully their way into the garden try removing them by hand. It's better for the environment and you'll burn a few calories. And if you decide to use a weedkiller, spot treat with the most ecofriendly product available.


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