Spring Garden Tips
Time Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape

Improve your garden's beauty, increase your enjoyment and reduce stress by incorporating tasks that provide multiple benefits.

Shred fall leaves and mulch the garden. You'll conserve moisture, suppress weeds and improve the soil as the organic mulch breaks down. Lots of benefits from one task.

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Leave clippings on the lawn when mowing. You'll eliminate time spent bagging and disposing, while adding moisture, nutrients and organic matter to the soil. A season's worth of clippings is equal to one fertilization.

mgm 8 2017 time saving tipsMow fall leaves and leave them on the lawn. Your grass will be fine as long as you can see the grass blades through the leaf pieces. Plus, they add organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

A bit more information: Continue to look for ways to get the most out of every landscape task you perform. Mulching, for example, suppresses weeds, conserves moisture, and helps improve the soil as the organic mulch breaks down. You receive lots of benefits from this one activity.


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Low Maintenance Gardening; Mulch

Tired of watering? Sick of pulling weeds? Mulch is the solution. It conserves moisture, reduces soil erosion, moderates soil temperatures, and suppresses weeds.


Managing Leaves

Recyle leave right where they fall... your mower makes the best shredder available for fall leaves.

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