I hope my Melinda’s Garden Moments assist you in creating a beautiful garden with ease this year. Throughout the growing season, a new video will be added each week so be sure to check back.

All Melinda's Garden Moments

A Garden for All Five Senses

A Planting Tradition; The Three Sisters Garden

Alliums (Flowering Onions) in the Garden

Always Room for Strawberries!

Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

Attracting Hummingbirds to the Garden

Beauty Beneath Black Walnut Trees

Big Results from Small Gardens

Build Great Garden Soil with Lasagna Gardening

Caring for Drought Stressed Lawns

Composting and Raised Bed Gardening Together in Any Space

Controlling Creeping Charlie in the Lawn

Controlling the Invasive Garlic Mustard

Create an Attractive Landscape for You and the Wildlife

Create an Inviting Garden Entrance

Create Some Forever Flowers with Garden Art

Creative and Effective Garden Edging

Creative Ways to Use Cacti and Succulents in the Landscape (Presentation)

Dealing with Surface Roots

Diagnosing Tree Problems

Drying and Preserving Herbs

Easy and Green

Eco-friendly Control of Aphids in the Garden

Eco-Friendly Disease Control

Eco-Friendly Insect Control

Eco-friendly Lawn Care

Eco-friendly Mosquito Control

Eco-friendly Whitefly Control

Edible Flowers

Elevated Gardens

Expand Your Garden Space and Planting Options with Container Gardens

Extend Bloom Time by Deadheading Faded Blossoms

Fall Color: How Leaves Change Color in Fall

Fertilizing Trees

Five Ways to Attract Bees and Other Pollinators to Your Garden

Gardener's Tool Kit; Pruning Tools

Gardening Under Trees

Go Vertical with Vines

Green Wall for Vertical Appeal (Vertical Gardens)

Groundcovers for Shade

Growing Fruit in Small Spaces

Growing Fun, Healthy Habits

Harvesting Onions and Potatoes

Harvesting Rain Water with Rain Barrels

Harvesting Tips for Greater Productivity

Harvesting, Ripening and Using Green Tomatoes

Holes in Hosta Leaves

Keep Your Trees Healthy

Leaf Spot on Rudbeckia

Low Maintenance Gardening; Mulch

Low Maintenance Landscape Designs for Less Mowing and Hand Trimming

Low Maintenance,Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Managing Girdling Tree Roots

Managing Invasive Plants

Mask an Eyesore with an Easy Assembly - Raised Bed Planter

Mums and Asters for Fall Beauty

New Ways to Use Vines

Perennial Garden Design

Plant Flowers and Vegetables Together in Containers and in the Garden

Planting a Strawberry Bed

Planting and Growing Potatoes in the Garden and Containers

Planting and Training Tomatoes

Planting Asparagus

Planting Small Seeds Indoors and in the Garden

Planting Small Seeds Made Easy

Poor Fruiting on Cucumbers, Squash and Other Vine Crops

Pruning Large Tree Branches

Pruning Potentillas, Summer Blooming Spireas and Annabelle Hydrangeas

Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs

Pruning Young Trees

Raised Bed Gardening

Renewal Pruning Overgrown Shrubs

Saving Geraniums Over Winter

Screening a Bad View

Seasons of Hummingbird Favorite Plants

Shrub Plantings with Big Impact in a Short Time

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Start New Plants with the Layering Technique

Still Time to Plant Vegetables - Late Additions to the Garden

Tabletop Containers

The Emerald Green Invader

Time Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape

Tips for Early Tomato Harvest

Tips for Seed Starting Success

Tomato Troubles

Transplanting Houseplants

Transplanting Shrubs

Transporting Trees from the Nursery to Your Home

Tree Planting Tips

Use Contrasting Colors and Texture to Add Pizzazz to the Garden

Using Stone in the Garden

Vertical Gardening

Waterwise Gardening Tips

When and How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

Will They Sprout? Testing Leftover Seeds for Viability

Working the Angles